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The year was 1988 and a small company called IFG was supplying the automotive specialty market with innovative body modification kits. This business was purchased by Ray Hoogenraad who over the next five years built it into the world's leading component car manufacturing business. Soon the company was designing and manufacturing components for movie cars including "Batman" one and two, "The Rock" with Sean Connery, "Army of One" with Dolf Lundgrand; on stage electric show cars for rock artists; custom one-off show cars such as the world's only Harley Davidson motorcycle limousine; and the Red Bull jet engine powered funny car.

In the year 2000 a new company, ACG was started as a partnership negotiation with the famed automobile hot rod designer, Boyd Coddington. This collaboration led to the market introduction of a hot-rod styled golf cart, called the California Roadster. Next came licensing agreements with General Motors for their Escalade and Hummer models. Today, ACG has 81 licensed distributors worldwide and an annual sales volume of 2,500 vehicles per year.  
2011 saw the introduction of the T-Sport. ACG's first fully dedicated LSV. Billed as "The World's Best LSV", the T-Sport comes standard with a powerful AC drive system, computerized speed controller, on-board charging, independent front suspension with disc brakes and a host of other standard and safety features.
Always keeping an eye on the future, ACG continues to be an industry leader in innovative ideas for the electric vehicle industry.









Some models may be shown with accessories and options.     General Motors Trademarks used under license to ACG, Inc. 2010 ACG, Inc    


American Custom Golf Cars, Inc.
15740 El Prado Rd.
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